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What is the worst thing you’ve seen from a bolt not being torqued properly? Handlebar come loose? Fork clamp move mid-corner? Brake issues? This week’s tech tip is all about Torque wrenches.
For the work that we do on the bike, we always use a torque wrench. You only need two torque wrenches and I have an amazon link on my website (link in bio) for a 3/8 and 1/4 inch torque wrench for 95% of all work on the bike. Using any kind of torque wrench is better than NOT using one. We have a torque wrench for basically all the bolts on the bike. From all the people that I have been fortunate enough to be around, they always use a torque wrench. Some even have a dedicated torque wrench for the most used bolts. We have a torque wrench for almost all the bolts on the bike from the Triple Trees, to Front and Rear axles, to Brake Calipers, etc.

From starting out in the KTM Cup in the @MotoAmerica paddock to now being in 600 Supersport, the thing that I think most people could benefit more is using a torque wrench. You obviously don’t need to have a dedicated one for each bolt as we do, but having a cheat sheet with them written down (in my opinion) is essential. We use newton-meters, due to the motorcycle being in metric, so we use the metric units just to eliminate confusion.
Here are all the main torque specs for our current 2015 Yamaha R6:
Front Axle – 60 NM
Rear Axle – 60 NM
Front Pinch Bolts – 23NM
Zeta Handlebars – 10NM
Evol Tech Rearsets and Shift Lever- 23 NM
Triple Trees – 23NM
Front Brake Caliper – 35NM
Rear Suspension Linkage – 40NM

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