Circuit of the Americas Tire Test

These past couple days at Circuit of the Americas have been an absolute blast! I was able to learn a lot and work out some of the bugs prior to the season starting. Since the sessions were so long I was able to go out and basically run a full race multiple times a day. I also was able to test a variety of different

tires such as the medium Dot to soft slick. Overall it was a very successful test and we were able to accomplish the goals we had prior to the test and I am very excited to get the season started! I am apt to get back to Indianapolis and start training for Road Atlanta. Thanks to William Lamkin and Greg Kotlinski for working on the bike. As well as everyone on the Westby team for helping me and welcoming me into their team Tryg Westby, Chuck Giacchetto, Dustin Meador, Mitch Cato, Vanessa Lauritsen, Priscilla Corbett, Jill Giacchetto, and Mathew Scholtz |
Thanks to all of my sponsors for making this happen!
Westby Racing
Cycle Gear
AGV Helmets
Yoshimura Research & Development of America, Inc.
Evol Technology LLC
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  1. Good luck this year bro !!! Looking forward to seeing you and you’re dad this year !!!

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