Utah 2019

Well, Utah 2019 certainly was an event. I was really excited to try out the new track that MotoAmerica decided to change to after running another version the past number of years. The track looked super fun and flowy and I was excited to try it out. For FP1 I went out and was starting to learn the track, and afterwards, I learned that during the first session, I went from 8th position to 14th position, back again to 8th position. I went into turn one, and I went a little bit faster than before, so I took a wider line that happened to be overtop of some sealer that the track decided to put down. When I got over top of it, the rear wheel spun sideways and then once the bike got off the sealer, it kicked back, and I went flying off of the bike and I rolled. I managed to mess my ankle up, and I could barely walk to the bike for the rest of the weekend as many people can attest to haha. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who helped me move around this weekend! Jeffrey, Greg Kotlinski, Cory and Chris Ventura and Mike Pond.

The crew was able to put in an incredible effort and got the bike all good, and ready to go for our next session a bare 40 minutes later. We went out in Qualifying and after hobbling out of pit lane to get on the bike, I was able to do a couple of laps. However, I could feel a vague issue with the bike, I came into the pits but with the time remaining, we were not able to get back out. 

For the race, I was starting at the very back of the grid, we thought we had fixed the issue. However, on the warmup lap, I felt it was still there, so we looked on the bike and we thought we saw what the issue was. But, during the first couple of laps with the race, I could feel and hear it happening again. Rather than exacerbate the issue, I pulled into the pits, and we went to work trying to figure out what it was. MotoAmerica tried a new form of setting the grid for Race Two, and it was based off the times for Race One, I absolutely love the idea! I just was unable to capitalize on it this weekend…

For warm-up, I went out, but again the issue was still there! I came back into the pits and told my dad and them that it -again- was still happening. They gave me some ideas on what to try, and I went out and I did them all and was able to come back and tell them exactly what was happening with the bike. I learned a lot from that experience, especially how to decide what the actual issue is, and how to figure it out. 

Here is the part where I have to talk about how absolutely amazing everyone was who worked on the bike this weekend, after warm up, we decided that we had a transmission issue and we had to do a complete motor swap. The guys worked from the end of warm up until 30 minutes before the race, and they got it all done! With all the work that they had done, I was able to go out for the race! 

Race two was probably one of the most painful races I have had to do. I was ready to pull off after 4 laps and was shaking uncontrollably after the race. Only Barber in 2017 would come close, and that was when I had broken my collarbone just two weeks prior and was unable to train. This time my ankle was completely messed up, but I was able to complete the race. I learned a lot about my mind and body during that race, and I am super proud of the work the team was able to do to get me back out there. We were not able to make any suspension adjustments all weekend, due to how pressed for time we were throughout. But I am amazed at how well they were able to make it work. Big thanks to everyone who helped from the accident in FP1, to the motor swap before Race Two, and everything in between.

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The doctor put me in a boot once I got back, but I’ll be back on the grid at Laguna Seca. A big thanks to everyone who supports me. #Indy #NL52

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