6 Parts from Novice School to the Races

This week’s #TechTalk is all about the 6 building blocks of a good racebike. With just these modifications from your stock bike or a used bike you bought online, you can race an R6. The biggest things are just working on your technique on the bike so then you can maximize the most out of the machine. At the end of the day, your technique comes with you, no matter the bike. Parts do not. Gadgets and parts do not replace experience. Take the money you save and invest it in quality riding instruction with people like @jp43training . Also, take the money you save and you can then have your engine refreshed more often, and have your suspension looked after by a professional.

Cool parts are amazing but they are not needed. I end up seeing a lot of social media or forums about people raving that you “have” to have a certain part, but at the end of the day you don’t need anything fancy. A consistent bike is most important.